Sunday, July 25, 2004

Wild On Salmon

Matthew brought home a side of wild salmon yesterday. I kick myself for not taking any pictures of the filet, as the meat was life-jacket-orange. We broiled the salmon for about ten minutes and then covered it with a paste of cilantro, ginger, garlic, onion, lime juice and zest, honey and chiles. We then pressed panko crumbs into the paste and slid the fish back under the broiler for a few more minutes.

Seen here with boniato mash and herbed green beans, it was very impressive overall.

I'd also pulled some lemongrass from the garden that morning.

I trimmed the stalks and bruised the woodier ends with a knife handle before simmering them in a pot of water. When the water was fragrant, I strained out the stalks and used the infusion to brew some green tea. This was sweetened with honey and put in a pitcher to cool until dinner, where it went quite well with the salmon.

I just received an email saying that someone has added me to their contact list on flickr(the service I use to host photos). Who are these people?


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