Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Mussels with Lemongrass

To repay Guapo for a fine bowl of rabbit soup, I had him over for mussels in lemongrass broth. A variation on the mussels steamed in white wine, butter and thyme, this version uses ginger, lemongrass, garlic, onion and chicken stock for the steaming liquid. Seen here served with linguine (publix doesn't seem to carry rice noodles), fresh mint and cilantro, the mussels were accompanied by a cucumber, lime and mint salad. I wasn't sure how many people I'd be feeding, so I also made crispy tofu in a sweet pineapple chili sauce ala Simon at 915 in Key West. The mussels and cuke salad have once again proven to be bulletproof recipes and I think I improved the chili sauce over last time. It still isn't as good Simon's version with sweetbreads, but it isn't bad considering there was nothing glandular involved.


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